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The Ideal Art Therapists Appointment Solution

Pocket PA is the Art therapist app. When you set out to build your Art Therapy business, focusing time on your clients was your expected priority.

However, for the self-employed art therapist, it becomes clearer that there are a multitude of other things that are calling on your time.

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What You'll Find Here ...
  • Learn How Pocket PA Makes You The Boss Of All You Do
  • How The App Is Going To Save You Time And Make You Money
  • The Family Story About How Pocket PA Came To Be Made
  • How Being Organised Will Make Your Life Happier
  • Never Having To Fear The Tax Man
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Appointment Scheduling

An appointment scheduling software can prove to be a huge help for many professional and busy art therapists as it can take the burden off their organisational skills and enable them to focus more on the face to face time with their clients by using a smart tech tool.

We know you are managing your client’s happiness and reducing stress to heal emotional pain through your work as an art therapist and by increasing your own clients’ confidence through art with tangible pictures of their visions and dreams …..

But don’t get overwhelmed yourself!

Since most therapists have small-scale businesses, there are a multitude of administrative tasks that have to be dealt with including basic accounting, managing all your money, and scheduling all the appointments.

Benefits of Pocket PA

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1-Click Visual Dials

Shows exactly how much you are earning every single week, month and year

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Appointment Reminders

To minimise no-shows and forgotten appointments which maximises how much you can earn

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Colour Coded Appointments

Easily shows what you are doing each day so you always know exactly where you need to be

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Get Paid Faster

With simple online payment invoicing integrated through Stripe, getting paid is easier than ever

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Online Booking

Integrates with your website or social media to take bookings when you are busy or even asleep!

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Business Expenses

Snap, sort and store receipts to the cloud, so nothing is ever lost and everything can be claimed for

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Peace Of Mind

All data is securely backed up on the cloud and accessed using encrypted password protection

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Free 30-Day Trial

And then an affordable, low cost subscription with no tie-ins and 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Pocket PA in the Media

Transform your Admin

This is exactly where Pocket PA, a smartphone web app, can come in handy for you. If you offer any art therapy service, it is definitely recommended you begin using Pocket PA and see for yourself how it can transform and change the practical tasks that always need doing in your business.

One of the major benefits that Pocket PA offers to those who practice as a freelance therapist is that it can help to simplify the whole appointment scheduling process. There’s a really easy option to give clients the ability to make online bookings – so taking manual bookings can become a thing of the past if you decide to tap into this slick booking system. Think about how much more time could be spent actually with your clients and earning more money?!

Free Up Extra Hours

We know you’re likely to have meetings with psychotherapists and other alternative therapists in the course of your busy week of unlocking the power of subconscious minds, so small things like eliminating manual bookings can really free up extra hours for these things.

Simple to Read 1-Click Dials

Pocket PA can also help with understanding your finances with simple to read and easy to understand 1-click dials, showing your all your income and expenses in colour coded screens. It gives you a clear handle on the financial health of your business which is vital when you work for yourself as profit is key and a huge driver of any micro business.

The app records all the expense payments you make with photos snapped and saved for later reference. Not only that but it also keeps them stored on the cloud so that you can access them at any time you need to view them or send to your accountant.

The Pocket PA Story

Pocket PA was created by Caroline Syson for her 19-year-old daughter Megan when she started working for herself in the beauty business. Caroline couldn’t find anything to help Megan manage all her numerous admin tasks in an easy and structured way that would cover the whole process from Bookings to Book-Keeping.

Being in Control Every Day

Pocket PA has given Megan the one-stop-tool to run her business from her phone and she now totally understand all her finances using easy 1-click visual dials. It’s truly been a game changer – from previously feeling totally overwhelmed to now feeling like she is in control of every aspect, every single day!

Art Therapy Business Streamlined

One of the most frustrating things for both established art therapist and those who are just starting out in the art therapy business, is when the clients do not show up on the scheduled date and time. Not only does precious time get wasted but it also results in reduced profitability which can be adversely impactful for a micro business owner. This problem can be minimised when using Pocket PA as the app can be programmed to automatically send an email reminder to their clients ahead of their scheduled appointments. This way, even if they aren’t coming, you will be informed beforehand to try and book in a new client in that particular slot.

You can access the app on any smartphone, tablet or computer with internet or 3G/4G and your personalised and encrypted login credentials will give you quick access to view all your business data.

Having a system to keep your digital records means you will be ahead of the curve once Making Tax Digital (MTD) comes into place for all self-employed micro business owners. When that happens, you will have to record both income and expenses by law on an MTD digitally compliant software system so get organised early and find the best digital record keeping software now.

Why Customers Pocket PA

Billy Sach PT

Billy Sach – Personal Trainer

“Pocket PA really helped my organisation and understanding of my personal finances…I have gained much more clarity in my work and this clarity gives me huge amount of time to then pursue the business I want to create.”

App for Eyelash Technician Testimonial

Megan – Eyelash Extensions

“As a new small business owner, I never knew what I was really earning from my payments and expenses.  But now using Pocket PA, I know my real income every day.”

App for Hairdressers Testimonial

Nicola Merritt – Beauty

“My biggest frustration was managing lateness and people forgetting their appointments so Pocket PA covers this beautifully by reminding me to send SMS’s to everyone.”


30-Day Free Trial

The app comes with a 30-day free trial period to explore all its features and see firsthand how they can help you with streamlining the boring but vital processes in your business. Once the trial period is over, you will have the option to choose between a monthly or annual subscription plan. Both are very affordable and low cost and are a 100% tax-deductible expense for your business so it’s also a win-win for your purse.

The One-Stop App for an Art Therapy Service

All in all, Pocket PA is the perfect one-stop solution for any art therapy service. It’s easy to use with no complex features and the design of the app means anyone can use it without any long winded tutorials needed.   They say a picture paints a thousand words – and using Pocket PA gives you that extra time to help your clients create their best works of art, mandalas and vision-boards!

Thank you


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