Our Founder…

Caroline Syson has a diverse background as a serial Entrepreneur having run multiple professional businesses herself since the 1990’s.

Originally a Chartered Physiotherapist, Caroline had an established accredited Private Practice in Hertfordshire, before switching careers to becoming a Mortgage Broker and Trainer and moving into the world of Property and Finance in London.

She has worked predominantly in this field for the past 15 years, both teaching courses on investment, as well as building, acquiring and investing in property to grow a diverse and established successful portfolio in and around London.

The idea for Pocket PA was born last year during a holiday in China when pondering ways to support and help her oldest daughter Megan who had just started her own business at the tender age of 19.

Unable to find a single software app in the marketplace that could run a small business on the go from a mobile phone, Caroline set about the journey of designing and creating one herself to support Megan and any other microbusiness solopreneur.

As the Founder of Pocket PA, Caroline is committed to helping all self employed small business owners to be the best they can be by themselves and ensuring they are working effectively to maximise their income, profits and time.

In her free time, Caroline loves to focus on her health and keeping fit outdoors, regularly running both half and full marathons. She has completed a number of treks in the Himalayas and Far East as well as John O’Groats to London on foot and she also travels extensively abroad to far flung places and fitness camps each year.

Above all else however, Caroline believes that raising her 4 beautiful children and being their mum has been her greatest achievement and biggest source of pride.  They all live in Hertfordshire, England.