FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I easily see exactly how much I have earned?

Yes! The income dial shows you up to the minute how much you have earned that day or week or month or year.  It also tells you how much you still have booked in that week to be paid on appointments currently in your diary, so you know exactly how hard you are working.

I never send invoices to my clients so will this be suitable for me?

ABSOLUTELY! The app was designed very much for users who deliver a service but rarely if ever, issue an invoice.  If you take payments and have expenses against your business, then Pocket PA is perfect.  As a self-employed service based business owner the app lets you easily keep track of your clients, appointments and accounts from your mobile phone whilst on the go.

How can I manage my client appointments more efficiently?

The app can send an automatic text reminder to every client before their next appointment. You can choose in the settings how far in advance you want the message to be sent to ensure you minimize any chance of them forgetting and wasting your precious time! It makes you look super professional and very organised too and it all comes from your own phone text allowance so there are no additional charges!

Do I have to create an invoice to track all my payments?

No, Pocket PA works by tracking attended appointments and once you have delivered your service, then it knows that you need to get paid for your time! So as long as you have entered the appointment in the diary, it knows you need to get paid and tracks things until you log a payment against the appointment.

I often take a deposit payment beforehand. Can I use the app to do track this?

Yes, you certainly can.  This will get logged as a part payment against the upcoming appointment and once the service is given, you can add in the remaining payment and it will be then marked as Paid in full.

How can I keep on top of the financial health of my business?

Simply look on the balance dial and check your income against your expenses and it will tell you immediately what the difference is between these 2 amounts and whether your business is in financial credit or debit for that particular selected date range.

How do I record my business expenses?

Very easily! Just click on the + button and Add Business Expense. You can capture a photo of the receipt to attach to the expense and set whether this is a recurring expense to save you time logging it all over again. Once you add the expense, it all gets saved up on the cloud so nothing is ever lost. It’s also simple to categorise every expense so your accountant will love you even more!

I like to do my invoicing on a computer – can I still do that at the end of each month?

Sure, no problem. Whether you issue an invoice on your phone or your computer, Pocket PA will synchronise directly, so you will be able to see it on any of your devices.

Can I customise my invoices?

Yes, within minutes you can add your own logo, set up any tax you charge or discounts you offer, state your payment terms and advise of the methods of payment you accept – all in the invoice wizard.

If I lose my phone, how will I know what appointments I have booked in?

Don’t panic! It’s all backed up and accessible from any web browser – just log in to your account on a computer or friends phone and you will be able to access all your same data until you replace or find your own phone. Once you get your new phone, just download the app again, log into your account and everything will be exactly where it was before!

I already use an accounting software package so why should I change?

Pocket PA is the one-stop-app and incredibly simple to use on the go from your phone so you can track everything there and then as you receive your income or make any business payments. It also manages all your diary appointments and clients in the same one place and therefore saves you the aggravation of having to organise things in lots of different packages.

How can my accountant get all my income and expenses information?

All your logged income payments and business expenses that you enter into the app are available for you to send in a spreadsheet to yourself or your accountant whenever you want to.  Just click on the report button to choose what you want to send and which dates you are looking at, and you can email it all instantly.

How safe is my data?

Very! We use the latest encrypted technology to ensure your data is fully protected and always backed up. Adding a password to your own phone also increases the level of your security to the app which we recommend.

Can my data get lost?

No. It is fully backed on multiple servers so it’s not just saved in one place and this ensures its accessible 24/7 whenever you might need it.

How does the app help me know what services are more profitable?

Each service automatically gives you a ‘productivity rate per hour’ so you can see straight away if you need to adjust your price or the time you spend delivering a service, to keep your hourly rate right on target.

Can my clients make online bookings or access my diary through the app?

Again, this is an upcoming feature we are looking to include very soon. At the moment, they will need to contact you to make an appointment so you are controlling your diary 100%.

Can I see all the same information across all my mobile devices?

Yes, the data will synchronise seamlessly across all your devices so you are always up to date wherever you log in. If you are out of wifi or 4G range when you enter in some information, it will still retain that information locally on your phone and then synchronise automatically next time you are connected again.

I am still not sure if its right for me?

No problem at all which is why we give everyone 30 days to try it completely FREE without any obligation to see all the benefits and get them started saving time and money.  If you love it so much and then tell your friends to try it, you can get another free month for every 3 friends who download it and complete the simple wizard steps.

Can I stop and start my subscription?

Yes, you are free to come and go anytime when you are on the monthly plan after your free 30-day trial. There is no tie in and you can leave or rejoin anytime you like with no complicated penalties.

Are there different tiers or pricing levels depending on what I use?

No, the price is the same for access to all features of the app. There are no limits or caps to what you can use when you subscribe and everything is available for as many clients, appointments, payments, expenses or reports you wish to use.

Is the subscription cost a tax-deductible expense?

Yes! You can claim 100% of the cost of your subscription back against any tax you may owe and with all the time you will be saving, the app effectively pays for itself many times over!