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Lovingly created by Caroline Syson - a one-stop solution to manage business 'stuff'

It’s never been easier to start a business and work for yourself.  But there’s also never been more choices, overwhelm and multiple tools to choose between to support this dream.

Pocket PA came about when Caroline’s own daughter Megan came home one day and announced that she wanted to work for herself at the age of 19 with no business experience or understanding of cashflow and money.  

Caroline initially looked for something ready made for Megan to use but whilst she could find numerous apps for this and that, there didn’t seem to be anything all in one place to manage the many day to day tasks which were both practical and admin orientated.  

Which is how Pocket PA came alive!

Excited and proud of how ambitious and brave Megan was being, Caroline was secretly panicking about the practicalities of it all!

Caroline knew that at the end of 12 months, whilst Megan would be amazing at her job as a lash technician, unless she managed all her other ‘business stuff’ alongside it, she would not have any business to keep running or be able to do what she loved each day.

Overwhelm and lack of ‘know-how’ is one of the most disabling states to be in when managing a business.  And no-one teaches us ‘how to run a business’ at school!

‘Busy being busy’ but not getting much done is so unproductive, and Caroline wanted to ensure that the tool she made was both practical, simple and useful for everyday tasks to minimise any fuss and bother and any need to ‘learn’ how to use it - suitable for all ages!

Knowing exactly what she wanted to give her daughter, Caroline set about the task of making this no-nonsense magic tool herself!  She knew that running a small business by yourself was way more than just about the income coming in and expenses going out.

With no previous tech experience whatsoever, Caroline has been on a very long roller coaster journey with many unexpected challenges but lots of hugely exciting milestones.

The first version of Pocket PA came out just on iOS in January 2018, and was featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, but this was just to give Megan a prototype to see whether she would really use it and what could be improved upon.

It was a resounding success and through speaking to many other microbusiness owners in her research, Caroline knew she then needed to make the proper ‘big brother’ version that would be all singing and dancing and do even more!

Since that time Caroline has worked with numerous developers to bring about Pocket PA V2.0.

Based in the cloud, the new web app works on all computers, tablets and phone devices (Apple and Android) to give a one-stop ‘business in a box’ powerful structured solution for any microbusiness owner who is non-VAT registered and works for themselves.

Pocket PA has no ‘mumbo jumbo’ accountancy terms included – instead it’s just easy colour themed features that we can all understand straight away to know the financial health of a business.

Simplicity and empowerment were the key drivers for Caroline when designing the app.

The constant questions she asked when adding any new feature were ‘Is that the simplest way to do or show something and does it ensure its understandable for users?’

The outcome was that Pocket PA cuts through the noise to deliver a truly practical business tool to help any microbusiness owner to manage their small business all in one place without confusion around finances or managing their money, appointments, clients, services, sales, billing and accounts.

Taking card payments without a card reader, one-click professional invoicing, automated SMS appointment reminders, directions between appointments, online booking and beautifully colour coded calendar appointments are just some of the highlights that have been achieved with this award-winning tool.

Caroline now works with a very small team and has focused on continuing to find out what users most wanted in the app so it could be streamlined to maximise the ‘useful stuff’ that take up time, which often aren’t much fun to do but still need to be done regardless to ensure a small business is running smoothly and profitably.

The V2.0 will be proudly launched at the beginning of 2020 representing a long journey of making something to help Megan that has turned into a full-time passion and mission to be accessible for everyone else who wants to use it!

Caroline remains committed to helping any microbusiness owner to work smarter and more productively so they can focus their attention on what they are best at with their clients and getting a better work-life balance, doing what they love.  

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